“The Beauty of Struggle & How to Build Resiliency & Strength”

"Lightning never strikes twice." For Stephanie Goetz, that’s not true. Imagine hearing the heart wrenching and numbing words "Your brother has died" not once, but twice before the age of 18. Stephanie Goetz will walk you through the devastation of losing her two older brothers and numerous other family members, how she picked herself up to live a meaningful life, and how you can do the same with any struggle you face.

Stephanie will…

  • Teach you how to face and thrive through loss and tragedy from her personal experiences and those who’ve also blazed that courageous path.
  • Give you the tools, techniques, mindsets and real-world advice that will build your inner resiliency and make it long-lasting – and something you can effectively put into action right away.
  • Give you resources of how to capture your individual grit and determination and use it to build a resilient life.

This can be translated directly into instilling resiliency in any part of life: at home, relationships, the workplace, family and beyond.

And against all odds, she built a successful award-winning broadcasting career with deep contributions to the local community. Her passion and energy are contagious and her lessons are sincere and authentic. She will inspire you with her contagious love for life!

**This presentation is perfect for all groups and individuals. This specialized resiliency program and can be given in 60 or 90+ minute sessions, or as an interactive half-day or full-day workshop. This training is nicely suited for employee training and corporate off-sites with a deep interpersonal growth focus. It’s also a great talk for motivating college and high school audiences as they work through struggles and think about building a meaningful life and career.

**For speaker fees and pricing,
please email stephanie@stephaniegoetz.com
or call 651-301-2363