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Stephanie Goetz will
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Individualized and group communication and client relation coaching that will take you from good to exceptional. This in-depth, specific coaching removes personal barriers and emphasizes strengths to achieve individuals’ true influence and presence.

  • David J. Pettet
    Stephanie’s approach to coaching and empowering speakers began with listening. She ensured us in the beginning that it would be our words, our message, and our personalities – and she did just that. She helped create an unforgettable program that inspired and motivated the audience, which led to a successful fundraising evening.
    David J. Pettet
    Former President of NGPA and American Airlines Pilot
  • Ellen Gillespie
    Stephanie Goetz delivered an outstanding communication skills session to the Thomson Reuters Eagan Legal team. Stephanie’s session kept participants engaged and interested throughout the session by teaching valuable skills that could immediately be put into practice. At all levels, there was considerable positive feedback from participants who enjoyed the session immensely.
    Ellen Gillespie
    Thomson Reuters Vice President Contract Management
  • Helen Howell
    Stephanie’s ability to step right in and understand the complexity of our work was extremely impressive. It gave us confidence in her, and enabled us to appreciate her advice to simplify our messaging. The coaching aspect of her training pleasantly surprised me. It was individualized in a way that I did not expect. I highly recommend Stephanie’s communications training, and do so without reservation. You can’t go wrong with her.
    Helen Howell
    Executive Director of Building Changes
  • Sarah Walter
    Stephanie has a special talent to present, connect, and educate around communication skills. She educated us on critical skills of influential communication, resiliency, and authentic presence – all needed in today’s business world. From our established to new and prospective advisors and their team’s, this message was relevant to everyone in our agency.
    Sarah Walter
    Chief Growth Officer Northwestern Mutual Minneapolis, MN
  • Jon Green
    "Altru Health Foundation utilized Stephanie as our emcee for numerous formal fundraising events. Stephanie precisely met the needs we had to motivate a large audience to both learn about our mission but to also move individuals to give generously to our patient care needs. Stephanie was very professional, articulate, and compassionate for our cause. She met and exceeded all of our expectations consistently." -
    Jon Green
    Altru Health Foundation Executive Director
  • Deb Dawson
    “As emcee for two fundraising events for our nonprofit, African Soul, American Heart, Stephanie Goetz inspired and entertained our audiences - nearly 200 attendees in Fargo, ND, and a group of 50 people in Grand Forks ND. Our donors are a diverse group ranging from college students, refugees, professors, business leaders and church groups. Stephanie did a masterful job introducing our speakers and videos, understanding and acknowledging key issues and their relationship to our overall mission.” -
    Deb Dawson
    ASAH Founder and President
  • Al Aamodt
    “Stephanie is one of those people who not only has an inspirational story to tell, but she can tell that story well and in the process, inspire others to rise above their problems. She is one of the most motivating, honest and sincere people I’ve had the privilege to work with in my long broadcast career. Stephanie is one of those unique people, who has had to work through and rise above deeply personal tragedy. She is one of those people who instantly “lights up” a room simply by being there, and she has an infectious smile, a twinkle in her eye and a laugh that comes from the heart.”    -
    Al Aamodt
    NBC/CBS T.V.
  • Abby Ullyott
    "My time with Stephanie was invaluable. I gained the knowledge to hone my authentic presence, speaking and overall confidence. I'm forever grateful!"
    Abby Ullyott
    Miss Moorhead
  • Kristi Huber
    “Stephanie Goetz is our region’s rising news anchor and philanthropic talents. Stephanie’s authentic message has energized and inspired the young women in the United Way's 35 Under 35 leadership program to take both personal and professional risks in order to gain confidence and realize their full potential. She is passionate about sharing her personal story of tragically losing both brothers and the victory of growing through the grief and emerging with the dream of starting a foundation that will honor her brothers’ memory, as well as help other young people find the resources that they need to combat mental illness.  Stephanie connects with a wide variety of audiences and will have a lasting impact with those who have the opportunity to hear her presentation.”
    Kristi Huber
    President of United Way Cass-Clay

Stephanie will INSPIRE and SPUR change...