“Communicate Like a News Anchor: Lessons From More Than 5,000 Live Newscasts and 2,000 Newsdays”

Ever wonder how newscasters present a message so crisply, flawlessly and effectively in a short amount of time every day?

Emmy-nominated and award winning broadcaster Stephanie Goetz knows how to do this first-hand and brings you into the world of faced-paced daily news creation and how to effectively craft any message to reach your clients, customers and audiences. She'll keep you spellbound and laughing with her stories from the daily grind, the excitement of breaking stories, the egos, the bloopers, the hair spray and the viewer comments. Her stories of what it takes to perform at perfection every day and having the ratings coldly tell you how good (or bad) you are, will inspire and fatigue you at the same time.

She’ll help you…

  • Get over your fear of (and embrace!) public speaking, find your authentic voice and use it with ease and enthusiasm.
  • How to have “presence” in a room and command respect and attention.
  • Effectively prioritize and create content under pressure, sharpen messages to be effective in 30 seconds or less, communicate flawlessly to large audiences, handle the unexpected ("the teleprompter always gets stuck" and "the satellite feed always goes down") and handle good and bad days when the show must go on.

She’ll empower you with lessons that can be transferred to any profession with faced-paced demands and need for sharp and concise communication. Whether you’re an executive, entrepreneur, teacher, spouse or friend, she will have amazing nuggets that will help you stay focused, present, sharp, engaged and moving-on from failures and success to your next "newsday". You will walk away refreshed, educated, smarter and full of vibrancy to tackle your biggest communication problems!

**This specialized communication program can be given in 60 or 90+ minute sessions, or as an interactive half-day or full-day workshop. It’s perfect for all walks of life and tailored to suit all audiences, companies, organizations and individuals. It's perfect for employee/individual training, executive off-sites, motivating large or small groups and motivating younger management talent and college and high school audiences.

**For speaker fees and pricing,
please email stephanie@stephaniegoetz.com
or call 651-301-2363