“It's never too late to pursue your dreams!”

~ Stephanie Goetz


It wasn’t on Stephanie’s radar to become a pilot until later in life. She was so laser-focused on her journalism career and philanthropy that she had little time for anything else. But after being introduced to flight by a decorated flight instructor and her now-husband, it lit a fire in her that had been there all along.


"Who says the sky's the limit? There are footprints on the moon!"


Stephanie quickly worked her way through earning her flight ratings. In one short year, she gained her private pilot certificate, instrument rating, multi-engine and single-engine commercial ratings, and seaplane rating. She also became a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) and MEI (Multi-engine Instructor). I guess you could say she was going full speed ahead! She loves to fly all kinds of different aircraft. She flies a Citation jet, Twin Comanche and Piper Cherokee. She also has hours flying aerobatics in a T-6 military trainer and Champ, flying a Cessna 172 on floats, and a Vision jet.



Her love for aviation grew even deeper when she started teaching others how to fly. “To see someone’s eyes light up when they take the controls and take off for the first time is incredible. I love seeing it really ‘click’ with a student or seeing their jubilant reaction after passing a heavily anticipated checkride,” Stephanie says. And some of her instructor ability may have come from her mother who taught elementary and middle-school students for more than 30 years.



When Stephanie isn’t instructing or flying somewhere around the U.S., she’s giving back to the aviation community. She writes articles for publications such as Aviation for Women. She’s also on the aviation non-profit board for Women in Aviation Stars of the North chapter and a Former Board Member for F.A.S.T. - Female Aviators Sticking Together. She’s passionate about bringing the industry together and elevating the underrepresented groups in aviation, such as females and minority groups. And you can see why: women make up only 6% of the pilots in the U.S. and minority groups make up even less. She and her husband give several flight scholarships away each year, including a multi-engine commercial rating ($5,000) through Women In Aviation and several multi-engine flight ratings to students at the Luke Weathers Flight Academy in Memphis, TN – the flight school of OBAP (Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals).

“With one mile of highway, you can go a mile. With one mile of runway, you can see the world.”


“I believe we all have unique talents, time and resources to give – even in small ways. We all have the ability to lift-up the next and current generation to thrive in the aviation industry. You never know how your small act of kindness, support or encouragement could positively change the trajectory of a pilot’s career and journey.” ~ Stephanie


"Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars."
~Frank Sinatra


Stephanie loves talking aviation! Drop her a line if you’re curious about becoming a pilot or if you’re already on the aviation journey and want advice on continuing your journey to commercial aviation, the airlines, or as a hobby.

Happy flying!