What you will get…

  • Teach individuals or teams how to command a room through effectively reading the audience and understanding who they're talking to.
  • Tailoring your message to clients, customers and investors to have the biggest impact and influence.
  • Personal presence development: how people perceive you is how they will hear you. Learn how to understand your personal impact and build strong presence to fit any situation. This includes building your individual brand & presence through personalized discovery of your authentic self & learning best practices of strong presence.
  • Craft a powerful mission and vision for yourself, your team and entire company.
  • Identify & break down personal fears and barriers to public speaking while teaching effective, long-lasting communication techniques (video-taped presentations played back to critique).
  • Learn and develop techniques and understanding to build inner strength and resilience.
  • Help develop matchless storytelling to compel anyone to follow you/your idea.
  • Company and investor presentation development and delivery coaching.
  • Learn the art of how to best influence and lead people.
  • Develop a strategic communications plan to use with your teams and when communicating with clients.

These trainings can be customized to fit the individual, company, organization or event. Stephanie is available for short term assignments or for long standing retainer relationships. She’s honored to share her expertise and understanding to build exceptional leaders!