Stephanie Goetz has spent nearly a decade as a journalist bringing viewers and readers the urgent, compelling news of the day. This Emmy nominated, award winning broadcaster, executive speaker coach and experienced trainer has lived the fast-paced world of precise messaging and influence. She works hand-in-hand with law enforcement agencies bringing them focused, effective presence, leadership, communication and media training to build greater trust, communication and morale within their agencies and the communities they serve.

What you will get…

A dedicated, professional, strong, understanding and committed professional who gives 100% for the agency she serves. These trainings are customized to fit each law enforcement / governmental agency and organization. Stephanie is available for short term assignments or for long standing retainer relationships and she’s honored to share her expertise and insight to help build exceptional leaders and organizations.

Department brand/image, mission, vision and values development and implementation.

  • Facilitate brand, mission, vision and values identification, development and implementation through a several-day-long discovery process in which lead agency staff members refine where the department is at, where they want it to be and implement an action plan with the steps to get there.
  • Steer and collaboratively create a strategic internal and external communications and messaging plan based off the foundational agency values. Develop a tailored roll-out plan to deliver the refined department vision, mission and values to the whole agency.
  • Create “Critical Incident/Crisis Communication Planning” and communications and social media plan for department, including marketing and communications plan.

Media/social media and communication training – Training and preparation of law enforcement command staff, leadership team, PIO’s and any other agency staff for press conferences, high stakes events, interviews, major public speaking engagements, and presentations through interactive group or individualized speaker coaching.

  • Media and interview training from an insider – unique insight about what the media really wants, how to respond to tough questions and the most effective ways to get your message across in stressful situations.
  • Identify & break down personal fears and barriers to public/media speaking while teaching effect, long-lasting communication techniques. (video-taped presentations played back to critique).
  • Train agency staff on proactive, effective, powerful, connected communication to connect more effectively with the community, fellow staff and other agencies, and build trust with the community and citizens at large.
  • Teach best-practices for effective social media engagement and develop lasting plan for that interaction.

Crisis, social media, community events, and proactive communications strategy plan creation.

  • One or several day discovery, identification and action communications roll-out plan to be used in all internal and external communications – such as all meetings, interactions with fellow staff and other agencies, patrol briefings, onboarding/hiring/promoting of staff, evaluation/discipline/reward measurements of staff, interactions with the public, community meetings and engagement, working with the media and more.

Keynote speaking on several tailored topics:

  • “The Key to Having Lasting Impact and Influence”
  • “Building Your Resilience and Inner Strength”
  • “How Your Presence Affects Your Influence”
  • “How to Have Executive Presence”
  • “Selling Your Vision & Mission to Your Team”
  • “How to Master Effective Communication”
  • “Effective Community Interaction”